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Why Blog? Because the time is Now.

Do you blog?

Well, if you do or don't blog it can be detrimental to your health.

I just made that up.

That is not a true statement. However, I have decided that blogging will make a difference in my life.

So, today I have decided that I will begin my journey and BLOG.

Now, I am very particular and quite overzealous about taking on new task. So, bare with me. I plan to use this space for sharing my experience in the modeling, entertainment and hospitality industry. I have many gifts, which I hope to turn into talents. That's if my OCD, does not get the best of me.

What is this Blog About

I am here to answer the questions that many of my friends and followers ask me about starting a career in the Entertainment industry. I am going to dive right in and make myself available to you.

Becoming a Model can leave you feeling unsure and quite helpless. Many people are discovered, yet many of us have to do our homework. My desire is to share my experience, mistakes, and achievements.

I will provide free links, tips, and help you build a brand. You have to be your own BOSS before an agency will sign you. Especially, if you are past 21 years old. We will talk about another time.

I will show you how to build your website, grow your following, pitch to agencies, find photographers, create a niche for yourself, and monetize your talent.

Feel free to ask questions and send me your stories. I want to know how you are building your Model Life.

This is will not be all about fashion, so if you are looking for the latest Chanel or Dior look-book, you came to the wrong blog. I want you to build a brand, be about your business and reach back to teach someone else.


PS Make sure you sign up to receive emails from me. I will be giving free tips and give aways every Tuesday.


Photo credits: Frederick V. Nielsen

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