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3 Quick Plagiarism Tips to Gain Exposure; I Mean Borrow Content to Build Your Model Life


Have you tried it? It's the new Flattery.

If you have not used this method, maybe you should consider trying it. It has worked wonders for a fellow Model Melania Trumps, as she gave her speech during the Republican National Convention held in Ohio.

Seriously, in grade school we were all taught that plagiarism is not acceptable. There are verifiable applications to check your work to ensure that plagiarism does not occur. However, let's look at how plagiarism can benefit your brand. Excuse me, I mean let's look at three quick ways of borrowing content to boost your visibility and exposure online. Yes, even Models and Athletes have been accused of visual plagiarism. We have seen plenty of examples; Anna Nicole Smith vs Marilyn Monroe, and a very recent argument regarding Conor McGregor looking like Model Josh Mario John. How can we use this information to benefit our brand?


According to Quickbooks Intuit, The U.S. copyright laws states, "it's permissible to use limited portions of a work." The law allows you to use other people's content, however, you must respectfully ask the originator of the content for permission or acknowledge the source the original work. To my Freelance Models, this is also true for using styling concepts, editorial imagery for your look book, and post on social media. Luckily, Facebook does a great job of acknowledging where and who the original source is from. So, if you decide that you want to steal Naomi Campbell's look, shout her out and make a living by plagiarizing her look. This will boost your exposure, income and network.


If you are going to steal; I mean (borrow), from the best. I recommend that you use a source that has a strong reputation for producing quality work and authentic facts. Newspapers, textbooks, News media, University journals and magazines are considered a viable source for facts. If you want your audience to trust you, present yourself as trust worthy. As a Model, you need to make sure you are going to steal(borrow) from the best like; Vogue, Elle, Haper Bazaar, Marie Claire, Glamour, People, Allure, Essence. These are all an excellent sources to choose from.


Don't be afraid, go out there and piss some people off. Believe me, you are doing it, right now. They just haven't told you, yet. You have a voice and it's time to use it. Use your gifts and talents to carve out your piece of the pie for yourself. Women like Naomi Campbell did it with her incident of hitting her staff with a cell phone, the Kardashians have done it with their sex tapes and body enhancements. We know sensationalism peaks our attention. However, if you are going to steal a look and a few words, I would do exactly what Melania did and plagiarize Michelle Obama, too! Her influence and network is worth stealing, I mean borrowing. Just remember to give her credit.


Go ahead steal, plagiarize, copy, mimic, model and borrow. Just do it with class. Remember to ask for permission, acknowledge the originator of your information, use reputable sources, and be BOLD in everything you do. #WALKITOUT

Now, go out there and find your target. Make sure you leave a comment and continue to follow me for more tips on how to live a Model Life.


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